Steve Newbauer

Fort Wayne, IN, U.S.A.

email me at: stevenewbauer at gmail.com

Here is a picture of me on my Catrike Trail tadpole trike.

new trike 1st pics 004

After having two successful blogs, one about tadpole trikes (tadpolerider) and the other about end time bible prophecy (midnightcryer), I closed both of them and decided to create this blog where I can write about whatever I want to … a “mixed bag”. Here I will no doubt write about tadpole trikes, end time prophecy and whatever else I may care to venture into. I plan on doing so at whatever pace I am comfortable with and my time permits. I will be posting at whatever frequency suits me … in other words without feeling pressured to come up with new material on a rigid schedule like I was on my other two blogs. Hopefully, this time around it will work better for me. I am a rather laid back person anyway so I don’t like being under pressure. I hope you the reader will find this blog interesting and enjoy your time here.

And to be totally upfront, truthful and transparent with you I made the decision to close the other blogs because God had been dealing with me about how I am spending my time and my priorities in life. There is nothing wrong with writing a blog about tadpole trikes but I had become consumed by it and I knew I had to do something about it. Even my midnightcryer blog which was all “spiritual” was the same problem. It is something I need to be on guard against … not to allow myself to get all caught up in writing my blog. God has called me to obey Him in all things and put Him first by guarding and pursuing my relationship with Him … giving Him first place in my heart and my life. Writing my blogs had become my god in a very real sense. I was convicted and stood guilty as charged. It was a hard choice for me to discontinue the tadpolerider blog as I had put myself into it and had lots of time and effort involved in creating it.

That is what happened and now I am starting over and hopefully all will go well. As to how things go with this new blog all I can do and need to do is entrust it to God. I can’t promise anyone anything as far as whether or not this blog will remain online. I am just taking it “one day at a time”. No doubt most of what I will be writing will be of a spiritual nature as I am fully convinced that there is no more important thing for any and all of us than our eternal soul and what each and everyone of us do with Jesus Christ. The most tragic thing that can possibly happen is for a person to live their entire life and come to it’s end only to find out too late that they “blew it” … that they died in their sin and entered a Christ-less eternity eternally damned by their own choosing or making.

So now you know the “about” story … the story about me and about this blog.

  1. I was looking for information about tires for my Catrike Trail and found your blog. What an unexpected blessing. Your comments about getting “all caught up” in your blogs touched me as I spend too much time on things, such as Facebook and WheresGeorge, that do nothing to advance God’s Kingdom. We have a couple of things in common….Catrikes and End Time events. We are definitely in the season…. So, I will be checking back occasionally to enjoy your conversation. Merry CHRISTmas (with a capital “C”) and Happy New Year!

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