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Ye Ol’ Then & Now

Here are some pictures of me showing my “progression” over the years.

my yearbook picture reduced
high school yearbook age 18

Steve aboard Perry in SF shop doorway
aboard my first ship age 18 closing on 19

me at 20 reduced
in Navy age 20 (that is Lucy in the corner, but she is covering the picture of my girlfriend who originally appeared there). This is an oil painting of a photo I posed for.

gettin' short t shirt in Guam cropped
in Guam while in Navy age 29 (a few months before I got out)

wedding picture then reduced
at our wedding age 39

Steve Lakeside Park improved
at Lakeside Park in my early 50s

parkview id pic
Parkview employee I.D. age 57

Greenway Ranger I.D. Photo
age 63 or 64 (can’t remember when I joined)

Steve at Grabill Country Store horse and Amish buggy 2 cropped
in Grabill age 70

Lucy's & Steve's high school pictures cropped
I thought you might find these last two pictures interesting. It is Lucy when she was 14 and me when I was 18. We didn’t know each other then. She was 28 when we became pen pals. We married when she was 29. I used to be taller than her, but I am shrinking in height as I age. I think Lucy was a good looking gal, but sadly she grew up thinking she was ugly because her older brother used to tell her she was. Kids sure can be cruel and words can do so much damage.
And here is our wedding picture.
our wedding day
me age 39, Lucy age 29

BTW, the reason I don’t care to go to high school class reunions is there are too many old people there. LOL