Today is Memorial Day … a national holiday where we remember in gratitude those who sacrificed their lives in defense of our nation and our liberties. It is not about high speed race cars, gatherings where we enjoy great food together or anything else. It is about giving honor to whom honor is due. Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen gave their all so that we could have the freedom and blessing of such things. My heart goes out to families of those who died while serving in the military … and let’s not forget those in civilian life such as policemen, firemen and others who also have lost their lives serving us. We are so blessed here in America.

My dad served in WW2. One of his duties was being part of a 3 man crew on a Higgins boat landing craft taking the soldiers and Marines ashore usually under heavy fire. He told me of many times hearing bullets whiz past his head just missing him. He had a terrifying experience stuck on the beachhead during the landing of Marines at Iwo Jima when their Higgins boat was damaged. The boat propeller had picked up a steel cable underwater and stripped out the gearbox leaving the boat drifting toward rocks ashore. The three of them had to abandon the boat and try to swim to shore. He never saw the other two men again so he assumed they either drowned or were killed by enemy fire. It was very difficult and dangerous swimming to shore. He had no weapon to protect himself. All kinds of bullets and shells were being fired constantly. All he could do is hide behind an open bow door of an amphibious landing ship. He spent the entire night there. The next morning his ship sent another boat in looking for their boat and its crew. He was all they found.

I can’t help but think about how blessed I am to have my dad make it thru that horror and be able to live his full life. Of course, I would not be here is he hadn’t. And you would not be reading this blog. In his 80s he was presented with a military shadowbox by one of his grandsons.

He was ready to go again …

In his 80s a couple of his grandsons talked him into getting a computer. He learned how to do photo editing and got creative with many different things including this picture above.

Here is a picture of two of my heroes …

I am truly saddened and ashamed of and for those who give no thought to what our freedom cost. I myself served 8 years in the U.S. Navy so I know very well the sacrifices military members make.

It was no picnic. But thanks to those who willingly served yesteryear and today my family and some of our friends will be enjoying a cookout with some of the traditional holiday foods. I plan on giving honor to whom honor is due before we indulge in the good food. I invite you to do the same.

Freedom is much cherished by man but sadly even in our freedoms we can be in bondage and not even realize it.

The One to Whom the most honor and gratitude are due laid down His life willingly for us. Yes, Jesus Christ, the Name Above All Names, truly set me free and it is to Him I offer my highest praise. No one else accomplished what He did nor could they. Thru the shedding of His totally innocent blood I have forgiveness of my sin and the promise of eternal life. He paid the price I could not pay. I needed a Savior and He willingly laid down His life for me. And He did it for you as well. It is by His grace we are saved. But He won’t always offer us His grace. He came the first time to offer us a means of escaping the fate we deserve.

We are accountable to Jesus, our Creator …

He is coming a second time to pour out His wrath on those who have rejected His grace and offer to save them. If you have not done so already I ask you … WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH JESUS? He alone offers salvation and forgiveness of sin … and it is free to you. He paid the ultimate price for our salvation but He offers it freely to us …

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Air Force Wounded Warriors camp



It is time to wake up …

Well, the evil hearted global elitists removed this video off of YouTube. Of course YouTube is very much in cahoots with them. It is probably just a matter of time before these other videos posted here will disappear too. I fully expect that this blog will someday disappear as well as these people don’t want their evil deeds exposed.

Since YouTube and other controlled media will continue to stifle and snuff out the truth these videos I am posting will continue to disappear. Therefore I am including a link to the search results for “Covid 19 Plandemic” so you can see what still might be available to view. Unfortunately two of the best I posted here have already been removed by YouTube. YouTube claims they were removed for violation of terms of user agreement. That’s hogwash!

Here is another video of this same doctor sharing about this matter …

Here is another video to help us understand all of this … It is all about gaining more and more control over us … preparing us for what lies ahead in their global takeover agenda …

PlanDemic, a film about the global plan to take control of our lives, liberty, health & freedom.


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It is time to wake up …

Well, the evil hearted global elitists removed this video off of YouTube. Of course YouTube is very much in cahoots with them. It is probably just a matter of time before these other videos posted here will disappear too. I fully expect that this blog will someday disappear as well as these people don’t want their evil deeds exposed.

Here is another video to help us understand all of this … It is all about gaining more and more control over us … preparing us for what lies ahead in their global takeover agenda …




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It is time to wake up …

Well, the evil hearted global elitists removed this video off of YouTube. Of course YouTube is very much in cahoots with them. It is probably just a matter of time before these other videos posted here will disappear too. I fully expect that this blog will someday disappear as well as these people don’t want their evil deeds exposed.

Here is another video of this same doctor sharing about this matter …

Here is another video to help us understand all of this … It is all about gaining more and more control over us … preparing us for what lies ahead in their global takeover agenda …

PlanDemic, a film about the global plan to take control of our lives, liberty, health & freedom.


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Toward the end of my mom’s life on earth I had sent her a letter with a story in it about “keeping the fork”. My mom cherished the story and held onto that letter. She told several people about the letter and this story. As time went by she became more and more troubled will health issues requiring hospitalization and finally she had to be placed in a nursing home to provide the care she required. She had been in the nursing home for a couple of months. My wife and I were living down in the Atlanta, Georgia area. One early evening our telephone rang. It was my sister informing me that our mom had just had a series of mini-strokes and was not expected to live all that much longer. She said if I wanted to see mom before she died I needed to get there ASAP. We had no money to afford to fly so we planned on driving. We were going to go to bed early that evening and get a few hours sleep before getting up early and embarking on the 10-11 hour drive. Before we even got to bed the phone rang again. My sister told me that mom had died. It ripped my heart out that we were not able to be with her before she passed away. The good news is just a few weeks before she died she got saved their in the Christian nursing home she was in. She had watched the Jesus film and the minister who came there had led her to the Lord. We went back home to attend the funeral and burial. Several in the family knew about the story of keeping the fork as my mom had told many about it. As various family members were viewing my mom’s body lying in the casket someone said “Hey, where is her fork? She should have a fork in her hand”. We agreed. Even my dad who had been a hard hearted person totally turned off to anything about of a “religious” nature agreed to this. I went out to talk to the funeral home people about getting a fork and placing it in her hand. They had encountered this request a couple of times before as I had asked them about it. So we got them a fork and they placed it in her left hand and a rose in her right hand.

mom fork and rose in handsjpg

I had taped a paper on her closed casket that read: MOM KEPT HER FORK!   I did this to spark peoples’ curiousity as I had also prepared a message I wrote to give to them explaining this sign.

mom kept her fork sign on casket

Here is the message I wrote to give out to those who attended the funeral and/or burial service:

Keep Your Fork, Mom

Keep Your Fork, Mom 2

Keep Your Fork, Mom 3

Keep Your Fork, Mom 4

Yes, mom kept her fork. What about you? What have you done with Jesus? There is no more important question to be asked and responded to. Someday your heart will be asking … “What will Jesus do with me?”  That is aleady settled as should you die today “in your sins” you will spend eternity separated from God in hellfire. God has done all He can and all He needs to keep you from such a fate, but the choice is yours. Once you draw your last breath there is no more oportunity. Your fate will be sealed. God loves you, but He hates your sin. Call upon the Name of Jesus while He may be found. The best is yet to come for those who are IN CHRIST.

Ye Ol’ Then & Now

Here are some pictures of me showing my “progression” over the years.

my yearbook picture reduced
high school yearbook age 18

Steve aboard Perry in SF shop doorway
aboard my first ship age 18 closing on 19

me at 20 reduced
in Navy age 20 (that is Lucy in the corner, but she is covering the picture of my girlfriend who originally appeared there). This is an oil painting of a photo I posed for.

gettin' short t shirt in Guam cropped
in Guam while in Navy age 29 (a few months before I got out)

wedding picture then reduced
at our wedding age 39

Steve Lakeside Park improved
at Lakeside Park in my early 50s

parkview id pic
Parkview employee I.D. age 57

Greenway Ranger I.D. Photo
age 63 or 64 (can’t remember when I joined)

Steve at Grabill Country Store horse and Amish buggy 2 cropped
in Grabill age 70

Lucy's & Steve's high school pictures cropped
I thought you might find these last two pictures interesting. It is Lucy when she was 14 and me when I was 18. We didn’t know each other then. She was 28 when we became pen pals. We married when she was 29. I used to be taller than her, but I am shrinking in height as I age. I think Lucy was a good looking gal, but sadly she grew up thinking she was ugly because her older brother used to tell her she was. Kids sure can be cruel and words can do so much damage.
And here is our wedding picture.
our wedding day
me age 39, Lucy age 29

BTW, the reason I don’t care to go to high school class reunions is there are too many old people there. LOL



I had  a brand new 1968 Dodge Charger R/T with a 426 hemi engine.  I loved that car and still love to hear that engine at idle. Chrysler rated them at 425 hp for insurance purposes, but they were always more than that. Mine was 555 hp. I saw it on the dyno up at Grand Spalding Dodge in downtown Chicago where I bought it. They said it was the highest reading they had seen up to that time. Of course, I am talking about “stock”. Anyway, the engine wouldn’t idle any lower than about 2000 rpm.



Hey mister, can you help me with my bike?
Are you here you looking for pornography? Sorry to disappoint you. You won’t find it here. But wait … I have good news that won’t disappoint you which I will get into a bit later. First I want to address what is going on here. You might be wondering how you arrived here. Well, I was wondering how you and many many others were arriving on one one of my other blogs. I noticed that one of the articles I wrote concerning “misters” was getting a lot of traffic. It didn’t make sense so I looked into it. I discovered that search engines were listing my blog article in response to the search term “hey mister can you help me with my bike”. I did a search for that myself and discovered why I was getting all the traffic. I can’t say I was pleased about it, but obviously there is nothing I can do about it. The title of my article is “Hey mister, can you help a fella out?“. Upon looking at my article it is quite obvious it has nothing to do with what all these people are looking for … pornography … specifically a particular video and still pictures.

As I was growing up starting at a very early age I got “hooked” on pornography and it nearly destroyed my life. It is a very natural thing for man as we are flawed from the gitgo. We are attracted to the opposite sex and for a man we are very stimulated by what we see … the physical realm of it all. Sight and touch turn us on. It might surprise you, but God created us this way. It is not a bad thing, but it is a dangerous thing which must be properly channeled and controlled. If not we will find ourselves on a slippery slope and in the end we will find ourselves in deep deep trouble that has no escape. We will do what are flesh dictates as we have no control over it. We are slaves to our sin nature. The problem is sin has a high price. It will cost us our eternal soul for the wages of sin is death.

Yep, we have a most serious problem. And there is nothing you or I can do about it ourselves. We are doomed! We need help beyond ourselves. The God Who created us and loves us beyond our comprehension has come to our rescue. He knows we can’t help ourselves so He did something about it. He left His heavenly throne and came to earth to be born as an innocent baby Who would grow up into a man and live among us to show us Who God is and demonstrate His love toward us … ultimately laying down His life for us dying a horrific death in our place to pay the penalty for our sins. He alone can save us and set us free from the bondage of our sin enabling us to live our lives in obedience to Him and bring glory unto Him.

That is not to say we will be perfect and never sin again. However, by repenting of sin and calling upon Him He forgives us of all our sin and cleanses us from our unrighteous so that we are acceptable to Him. Our sin separates us from Him which means at the end of this life on earth since we can’t be in His presence we will spend eternity apart from Him in the place He warns us about … hell. We not only have a dilemma, but thankfully we have a choice. We can continue on in our sin or we can repent and turn to God for His help and His offer of forgiveness and eternity with Him.

We are without excuse and will stand before Him in judgement. If we die in our sins our fate is sealed. Procrastination is a very dangerous thing as we don’t know when we will draw our last breath. So I say to you … you can continue to try to find the pornography you were looking for when you landed here … or you can respond to the God Who loves you and wants (and has) a great plan for your life if you will only turn to Him.

HERE is further help.


United States map with legend full size

am totally amazed at how many people do not know how to read a map. Reading a map is so simple. I have decided to attempt teaching others how to read a map here. I have been thinking about this how to go about it. I have come up with a plan I am going with which I think will make it easy to understand what one is looking at when they look down onto a map which is before them. A map is nothing more than what a person would see if they were looking down from above the earth from a distance. The further up above the earth they go the more area they see but with less detail than they could see if they were closer. So pretend like you are a bird or up in an airplane or a helicopter or a hot air balloon. For many years now we have had satellite images … pictures taken from space looking down upon the earth. I will be using them to help illustrate what a map is and how to read one. I am selecting Parkview Field in downtown Fort Wayne, IN as most of us from around Fort Wayne are familiar with it … at least to some degree. I would use your street and house if I could since you would be most familiar with it, but that just isn’t practical. So let us begin …

First imagine yourself positioned down at street level on West Jefferson Blvd. looking at Parkview Field from the street. You would see this …

Parkview Field street view from W. Jefferson Blvd.

Ok, now imagine being in a helicopter or hot air balloon rising up above this area and looking down at it from up above. You would see this …

Parkview Field from above with X and blue arrow

The yellow X I placed on West Jefferson Blvd. is the approximate location the street level view was taken from. The blue arrow simply shows the direction one is looking from that location. Notice that all the names are upside down. That is because I had to flip the picture upside down for the sake of illustration here. Normally maps are orientated with the direction North toward the top of the map. Mind you that this is a satellite image and not a map. I purposely chose to use a satellite image here instead of trying to go directly to a map of this area as I think it will help you visualize what you are looking at when you look at a map. Now here is the same area shown on a map. Note I have also flipped it upside down and marked the location on West Jefferson Blvd. with a red X. The light green area represents Parkview Field. The blue arrow represents the direction being looked from the X in the street.

Parkview Field from above map with x and blue arrow

Do you understand? It is not hard. Now, getting back to “orientation” … with most maps having north at the top. Again, this is not hard. Now I will flip this map back around so that north is at the top …

Parkview Field from above map with x oriented north with blue arrow

I hope you are understanding what you are looking at. With North being to the top of the map, south being to the bottom, east to the right hand side and west to the left hand side it is easy to figure things out. Remember … looking at a map is just like being up above the earth looking down. In a satellite image you see exactly what you would see with your eyes, but with a map what you see is a representation of what is there … streets, roads, buildings (government, schools, businesses, churches, etc.), rivers, parks, landmarks, zoos, airports, etc. Most roads in “planned” cities and rural areas run north-south and east-west making it much easier to navigate than places where the roads meander around.

If you are driving north on a street and turn to the right 90 degrees you will then be driving east. If you are driving west and turn to the left 90 degrees you will be going south.

map legend

Maps usually have “legends” on them. A legend is simply the information needed for the map to make sense. Maps often use symbols or colors to represent things, and the map key (image above) explains what they mean. A part of the legend is usually the scale of the map. That simply means that one can tell the distance being shown on a map by knowing the scale used. For instance one inch distance on a map might be 20 miles. So if you have two cities on a map that are 2.5 inches apart the actual distance between the two cities would be 50 miles (2.5 times 20). The scale may be shown in miles, kilometers, yards, feet, etc.  Of course, the unit of measure may not be in inches. It may be 1/4 inch represents 20 miles … or anything the map maker chooses to use.

So when you look at a map don’t get freaked out. They are not that difficult to understand. From this Parkview Field street view from W. Jefferson Blvd. (what you see from the ground) to this Parkview Field from above with X and blue arrow (what you see from up above the earth) to this

          Parkview Field from above map with x and blue arrow (an actual map which is not oriented to the north) to this Parkview Field from above map with x oriented north with blue arrow (an oriented map). From there you go up higher and see more area, but there will be less detail to see.

downtown Fort Wayne satellite image

downtown Fort Wayne

Sometimes you need to fly up higher to see more of the area so that you will be orientated and know where you are at and where you need to go. You can’t see that if you are not up high enough looking down. Then sometimes if you are already in the area where you want to be you need to go down closer (zooming in) so you can see more detail and know what you need to do to get exactly where you want to go/be. With a paper map you can’t zoom in and out. You have to physically change the paper map you are using. When using an online map such as Google offers you can zoom in and out, change from map to satellite to street level view and zoom in and out on all of them.

Well, I hope this has helped you understand about maps and how to read and use them.I am always open for comments, questions and suggestions. And you can always email me at stevenewbauer at aol dot com.


Happy Holidays? … Not Hardly! It’s called Christmas for a reason. And this song says it all …



dad in whites home with bonnie

My dad served in the U.S. Navy during WW2. Like most of those who served in that war he went voluntarily and did his part. Then like most he came home and immediately went back to work in civilian life and hardly ever mentioned anything to anyone about his time serving his country. It was not until he was quite old when he undertook to write about it thru the prompting of a couple of his grandchildren.

One of his grandsons decided to honor him (and at the same time all others in the family who served in the military … but my dad was the main focus) in a “military dining out” event. The grandson spent a lot of time researching and making contact with certain official departments in order to obtain all of the ribbons and medals my dad had earned. He put together a very nice shadowbox for him. He also made up a video presentation to show. Family and friends were invited to a church where the event was held. It was really neat and an opportunity for many to learn a whole lot about his military service to our country. Everybody including my dad was amazed at all the medals and ribbons he had earned. Most of them he had never received and he never knew anything about them until this military dining out gathering. Here is a picture of him holding the shadowbox during the official presentation. My sister and I are standing alongside of him. The fact that my dad had been in the Navy greatly influenced my decision to “GO NAVY”.

military dining out dad holding shadowbox cropped

military dining out dad's table

military dining out cake table

HERE is a link to my dad’s personal story he wrote. (It is a very long read.)

My dad got his first computer at the age of 82 at the urging of a couple of his grandkids. It was a bit challenging, but he learned a lot and among other things got into photos and photo editing. Here are some samples of his photo editing.

This first one is of his wife (my mother) doing a wheelie on her small motorcycle. Obviously this is photo editing as there is no way that machine had the ability to do this.

 mom doing wheelie

Dad placed her on the Great Wall of China …

mom on great wall

And here she is reaching out to pet a lamb. This image was then used as “wallpaper” on his computer monitor.

Picture 016

He took a picture of himself in his white navy uniform and with some photo editing changed it into a current picture of himself in uniform. He jokingly titled it WW3.

dad in whites  dad ww3

I also did some photo editing involving him. Here I took a picture I had him pose for wearing an OLD NAVY sweatshirt. He was definitely Old Navy so I had him point to the words.

old navy 3

And then I went to work using this picture to have some fun photo editing. I ended up with this …

what me worry 2

My dad lived to be 93. He passed away in 2011. We miss him dearly. He lived with us the last several years of his life. He had to go into a nursing home the last few weeks of his life here on earth. The good news is after praying daily for him for 34 years he got saved about 4 months before he died while he was still living here with us.


There is lots going on in this world we live in. Here is a video I highly recommend (as I do all of this man’s VIDEOS):


 memorial day



was listening to some music playing while driving our car recently. A song came on and as I listened to the words to it I was moved to write an article about the title of the song. The song title was “WAIT TIL YOU SEE MY BRAND NEW HOME” and was being sung by the late Jesse Dixon who has gone on to be with his Lord in heaven and experience all that God has promised to His children when they come home. Jesus Himself said to those who belong to Him, “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.” (John 14:2-3 KJV)

Note the word “mansions”. I have never lived in a mansion. I have never even been in a mansion nor stepped onto the property of a mansion. And I have no expectation of such ever happening here on earth. But I have a heavenly Father Who is living in splendor as He owns everything. And He plans on sharing it all with His children. So as the words to this song go … I can honestly proclaim “WAIT TIL YOU SEE MY BRAND NEW HOME”. Yes, all God’s children will have mansions. But is this passage of scripture talking about a mansion as we think of a mansion? That being said, I will point out that there certainly is disagreement as to the KJV rendering of the Greek word which was translated into mansions. Most other bible versions have translated it “rooms” or or “apartments” or “dwelling place”. I can’t even attempt to get into the Greek as it is all Greek to me. 🙂 However, a well known and respected source, Strong’s Condordance states: “In John 14:2 the word mansions is μονή – pronounced mon-ay’, and means residence or abode”. (Strongs G3438). HERE is a good article on the subject. And HERE is another good article.

God lives “in” His children … He indwells them thru the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit. This passage of scripture, John 14:2, may very well be speaking of a brand new glorified body to replace this earthly body which is wearing out and having problems as it ages.  And we know that this present body we have must be replaced as it is corrupt and God can not permit it into heaven. I know I am looking forward to the glorified body scripture speaks of. It won’t be long and I look forward to that day. I wonder who my neighbors will be. I am sure they will be great folks to share eternity with. I’ve got a mansion just over the hill top. Heaven is indeed sounding sweeter all the time! I hope to see you there.


If you’re awed by this world and all its beauty
Many stately mansions daily you will see
But without great wealth I know that I will never own one
And you will neither if you’re no more rich than me
But if your eyes will look beyond what man is building
You will see what no earthly mortal can see
For on the other side of Jordan there’s construction
On a mansion being built just for me


Just wait till you see my brand new home
Wait till you see its beauty rare
There’s nothing down here that can compare
Just wait till you see my brand new home
My Heavenly Father’s building me
And I’m gonna occupy for free
Just wait till you see my brand new home

Verse II

My new home will not stand upon foundations
That are manmade and someday will pass away
It won’t be built where the storms of life can batter
And where rain clouds often hide the light of day

Oh, the cornerstone of God is my foundation
The Root of David, Christ the Lord our coming King
What a great homecoming there awaits me
And I’m expecting any day to move right in

Repeat chorus, then:

My Heavenly Father’s building me
And I’m gonna occupy for free
Just wait till you see my brand new home


Did you know you can miss heaven by 18 inches or less? It is true! That is the distance between our mind and our heart. Quite simply it is not enough to simply believe in our heads  in God and even the gospel message of “Jesus saves”. Satan believes in God and knows God’s Word but he won’t be going to heaven. We must embrace the gospel and the Savior deep within our innermost being. We must be “born again” and become new creations in Jesus Christ. Yes, it goes way beyond just simply believing in our heads.

I am reminded of the song “Born Again” sung by Evie Tornquist back in the 1970s.

Here are the words to the song:

You May Think It’s Foolish What I’m Going To Say,
I’m Not Ashamed, No Not Ashamed,
One Day I prayed Jesus, Take My Sin Away,
And That’s When I was Born Again,

Born Again, there’s Really Been A Change in Me,
Born Again, Just Like Jesus Said,
Born Again, And All Because of Calvary,
I’m Glad So Glad, That I’ve Been Born Again.

One Man Came To Jesus, John and Chapter 3,
Oh So Afraid, Oh So Afraid,
Master Your From God, I really Do Believe,
And Jesus said, Be Born Again.

Born Again, there’s Really Been A Change in Me,
Born Again, Just Like Jesus Said,
Born Again, And All Because of Calvary,
I’m Glad So Glad, That I’ve Been Born Again.

It is so true … God wants to recreate us from what we are and have become apart from Him and mold us into His image having the “mind of Christ”. Truly when we “receive” Jesus we will never be the same again. We will have a new life in Christ.

Please don’t miss heaven … not even by a mere 18 inches.


complex watch

Looking at the obvious complexity of this watch no reasonable thinking person would say that it just happened all by itself … that it evolved into what we see … perhaps from a stone or something such. No, someone designed it! This looks very complex for sure yet our human bodies are far more complex that this watch. The more we discover about this complexity we are totally amazed and, indeed, should be. Yet many many people so foolishly believe that somehow we humans just happened … that we evolved from the lowest life form into what we are today. What utter nonsense! WHERE THERE IS DESIGN THERE IS ALWAYS A DESIGNER!

God is that Designer. He created man in His own image. We are far above any animal God created. There has not been a computer made that can match the brain God designed in man. As awesome as computers are just think about it … they didn’t just happen. Man created them. Man used this fantastic brain God gave us to create all the things we see such as this watch, computers, space craft capable to travelling out into distant space and returning to earth, etc. How can anyone believe his ancestors crawled onto land out of a swamp? Satan is a deceiver and he is hard at work deceiving man.

Satan is deceiver

We can be extremely sincere in what we believe but if we are wrong then we are simply sincerely wrong. Let God be true and every man a liar! (Romans 3:4)

Are you deceived or do you believe God and trust in His Word?


It is said, and rightfully so, that a chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Keep this in mind as I delve into an illustration of those who are trusting and/or hoping in anything else other than coming to God on His terms to save us and obtain entrance to heaven when we die. I am talking about such things as keeping God’s Commandments, trying to be a good person, doing good works, counting on the good in our lives outweighing the bad as if this is on a balance beam scale, etc.

One illustration I like to use is this: God is in heaven above, man is on earth below, and man is suspended by a chain made up of links. Hell is below man and the only thing keeping man from plummeting down into hell is the chain. The links represent God’s Commandments. Man is depending upon the chain to be used to pull him up to God in heaven. This means that man has to keep all of God’s Commandments all the time for his entire life. If man could do this God would honor it and this would work. The problem is we can’t keep God’s Commandments. We fail miserably at this starting as a little baby. So trusting in this is futile and foolish. The second we fail in keeping a Commandment that link is broken and we are doomed. This same illustration could be used with any of the other things I already mentioned above that man trusts and hopes in.

 chain illustration          broken link 2

That is why we can’t make it on our own effort and merit. We need a Savior. God has said that “all of our righteousness is as filthy rags”. Isaiah 64:6 reads: “For all of us have become like one who is unclean, And all our righteous deeds are like a filthy garment; And all of us wither like a leaf, And our iniquities, like the wind, take us away.” In short, we are totally bankrupt. We have nothing to offer God other than what He requires … ourselves (a completely surrendered heart and life).

What will you do with Jesus?


Omniscient … that is just one attribute of God. He knows everything. Have you ever pondered over how this can be? Certainly no mere man can make such a boast. How can God do so? Well, I am glad you asked. Let’s take a look and see if we can figure some things out here. In order to know everything a person would have to be everywhere at once. Hey, that is another attribute of God … He is omnipresent! But how can He be everywhere at once? That doesn’t sound possible. And to add further complication He not only is everywhere at once but He is everywhere all at the same time no matter when we are talking about … today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next decade, next century … well I think you get  the picture. And not only is all this true but He was everywhere yesterday, last week, last month … well, I am sure you see where this is leading. Scripture tells us that with God all time is now. That makes Him a very awesome God! We still have no explanation as to how this can be so let’s work on that.

What would it take for someone or something to be everywhere at once? The infamous Albert Einstein just might have the answer for us.

Einstein E = mc²

One of his theories involves space travel. It is a fascinating study. It involves two clocks. One clock remains on earth and the other travels in a space craft. You can read about it HERE.                    And HERE is a more in-depth look at this theory.

Another aspect of Einstein’s theory is  that as an object approaches the speed of light it becomes infinitely large. You can read about it HERE. I will attempt to explain the theory via a very brief illustration. Let’s say we have a basketball and we throw the basketball out into space. This basketball is capable of increasing in size (diameter) without bursting and we have the ability to throw it so hard that it just keeps speeding up. As the basketball travels along going faster and faster it starts to grow in diameter. As it approaches the speed of light it gets so large that it is actually occupying all space all at once when it reaches the speed of light. Einstein’s theory simply says “an object”. I use the basketball as I think it makes it easier to visualize what is happening as the object, whatever it is, approaches the speed of light.

In 1 John 1:5 we read: “This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.” NASB  And there are several other verses telling us that God is light. Are you starting to see where I am going with this? If God is light then according to Einstein’s theory God would be everywhere all at once. I am not saying that this is the absolute answer to this matter. I am just saying it is a possible explanation and most certainly interesting to think about. There are other factors as well which play into this. God’s Word tells us that God is a Spirit. We know from God’s Word that God exists in three distinct Persons … the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the One Who is omnipresent. Notice I said “Who” and not “which“? The Holy Trinity is scriptural. People argue against it but it is right there in God’s Word. That is a bible study in itself and I am not going to get into it at this time.

I don’t think man can begin to fathom all there is to know about God. If we could then we would be as God Himself and that ain’t gonna’ happen. God is so very far above us. His ways and His thoughts are not like ours at all. He is perfect in every way. As awesome as He is the most amazing thing about Him is His great love for us. What is man that He is mindful of us? Now there is something to ponder over! Don’t ponder too long though as we don’t know when our lives will end. We could very easily miss out on His great love and all that He has for us. It is imperative that we seek and call upon His Name while He may be found (read Isaiah 55:6). Tomorrow may be too late! As brilliant as Albert Einstein was he did not believe in the existence of a personal God. He missed out! How sad! You many not be as smart as he was but you can be far wiser. Don’t repeat his mistake and die in your sin as he did.